Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and Goldford-HB Launch Computational Power Fund for AI and Web3 Projects

Antalpha Ventures, a global investment firm at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, has partnered with renowned Asian Web3 incubator Web3Labs and venture capital firm Goldford-HB to launch a new computational power fund. This fund aims to support early to mid-stage AI and Web3 projects worldwide by providing the necessary computational resources.

Fund Background

In today’s digital economy, artificial intelligence (AI) is a major driver of growth, with computational power emerging as the new “energy.” The demand for computational resources in AI training, inference, and other processes has surged, leading to rising costs. Recognizing these challenges, Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and Goldford-HB have established this fund to assist emerging AI companies in overcoming these hurdles.

By leveraging our extensive computational power, along with our robust AI and Web3 networks and partnerships, we aim to incubate and accelerate high-quality, innovative AI and AI-related Web3 projects. Our computational power fund is designed to support early-stage projects, particularly those requiring significant computational resources, such as AI-generated content (AIGC) for text, images, and videos, as well as computational power platforms. This support will help projects reduce the high computational costs typically associated with the early stages of development.

Available Computational Power

The computational power fund from Antalpha Ventures, Web3Labs, and Goldford-HB will invest primarily through the provision of computational resources, valued at tens of millions of dollars. Our infrastructure is tailored for low-latency, high-processing-demand applications, including AI/ML training, inference, operations, and cloud gaming. The fund aims to democratize access to computational power, offering more options for engineers and businesses alike.

Project Requirements

We are seeking innovative projects in the following areas:

  • Application-based projects with high computational power needs, including AI-generated text, images, and videos.
  • Decentralized computational power platforms, focusing on AI training and inference.
  • Other Web3+AI projects with related computational power requirements.

    Priority will be given to teams with strong backgrounds and prior success in related fields.

    For more information on how to apply, please email us at [email protected] or clicked in for more details ( )


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