Investment Highlights


China’s leading wechat based Enterprise Solutions for medium enterprises

Saas  |  Smart Retail

Yizhu Technology

Leading semiconductor design company in CIM (Computing in Memory)

Semiconductor  |  CIM

Pillar Biosciences

Stremlined DNA sequencing workflow to make precision medicine

Saas  |  Smart Retail

Laekna Therapeutics

Innovative therapies to treat cancer and liver diseases

Pharmaceuticals  |  BioTech


Provider of automotive semiconductor system solutions based on third generation semi-conductor technologies

Semiconductor  |  Electronic Vehicles

Leto Laboratories

Directional protein refolding technology (LetoFOLD) and self-developed technology platforms for proteins

Life Science | Biotech


MDHC Group is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to building a “Big Smart Manufacturing” platform for biological consumables in the fields of minimally invasive surgery and life sciences.

Advanced Manufacturing | Biotech

Shanghai Yilei Femtosecond Laser Technology

R&D and mass production of femtosecond lasers and products, aiming to be a global leader in femtosecond science instruments and industrial applications.

Frontier Technology | Technology

Chengdu Zhongweida Xinko Technology

The company is committed to developing cutting-edge quantum computing measurement and control technology, along with quantum measurement technology, to drive innovation in quantum information, fintech, national security, and related applications.

Frontier Technology | Technology

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