” E-Tronic(Guangzhou) Technology” completes Series A financing led by Infinity Capital

E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd., a provider of power semiconductors and system solutions for new energy vehicles, has completed its Series A financing with a cumulative amount of over 100 million RMB. This round of financing was led by Infinity Capital, with additional investment from old shareholders Zhongnan Venture Capital and Guangzhou Development Fund’s Shiying Fund, and follow-on investors including Bingchuang Capital, Le rong Capital and other well-known domestic institutions.


This round of financing will be mainly used for the construction of advanced packaging pilot line of SiC power modules for third generation semiconductors, providing solid technology reserves and quality mass production services for the explosive growth and mass production penetration of third generation semiconductors. It will provide a platform for upstream and downstream partners to verify advanced packaging technology and create an open innovation application base for the industry.

Founded in March 2021, E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology is a key project invested and incubated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) system, initiated by the Guangdong Institute of Integrated Circuits and System Applications in the Greater Bay Area and the founding team, with founder Ren Guanghui having 15 years of experience in automotive electronics, profound technical accumulation and extensive industry resources, more than 80% of team members holding Ph. With more than ten years of experience in product design and development at home and abroad, and thanks to the personal guidance and strong support from the chief engineer of national science and technology major projects, we are committed to providing customers with high-performance new energy triboelectric systems and power semiconductor mass production solutions, focusing on the development of automotive chips, power semiconductors and new energy vehicle controller systems.

Huang Qin, Managing Director and Partner of Infinity Capital, said, “The team of E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology has been steadily implementing the strategic plan step by step. In terms of system business, E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology has been ahead of the curve and has entered into many high-quality vehicle manufacturers’ customers; it is also in a leading position in the industry in the two advanced packaging modes driven by system business. In the promising process of accelerating the industrialization of silicon carbide instead of silicon based, and in the huge market space where the current domestic penetration rate of automotive grade silicon carbide is almost zero, E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology is expected to achieve growth beyond the industry and become an industry leading system level company.

Wang Yun, executive vice president of the Great Bay Institute of Integrated Circuits, researcher of the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the special committee of the China Automotive Chip Alliance, and chairman of E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology, said, ” E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology is an excellent representative of the enterprises incubated by the Great Bay Institute of Integrated Circuits, and the SiC modules and system products developed have been verified in many automotive companies, with nearly 100 million R&D orders in hand, and the next We believe that with the efforts of our management team and the support of our investors, we will create even more brilliant results”.

Researcher Ye Tengchun, President of the Great Bay Institute of Integrated Circuit Research, said, “The next development of China’s semiconductor industry needs to find the right development direction, combine the characteristics of the industry, and differentiate its positioning and layout by focusing on products and industry solutions as a breakthrough. New energy vehicles will bring a huge market of trillions of yuan to China. To compete with international partners on an equal footing, China needs to have the ability to provide products and system solutions. The founding team has been working in the automotive industry for many years and has given full play to the advantages of system traction and complete machine drive, and the company has entered a rapid growth period. We hope that E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology will be bold and innovative, and contribute to the self-reliance and self-sufficiency of China’s automotive industry and achieve innovation leadership”.


Source: http://biz.jrj.com.cn/2022/10/14163137056231.shtml

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