NGS test completed in one day, lung and colon cancer test kits receive FDA approval

NGS (next generation sequencing technology), also known as high-throughput sequencing technology. It is commonly used for genetic disease screening, prenatal testing or diagnosis, oncology clinical diagnosis, pharmacogenomic testing, cancer chemotherapy and treatment, and single gene disease screening or diagnosis. It is capable of sequencing hundreds of thousands to millions of DNA molecules in parallel at one time, with fast analysis speed, high accuracy, and short time.

NGS testing is currently used in clinical settings to evaluate the availability of appropriate immunotherapeutic agents or targeted drugs, and to test patients with a family history of genetic tumors and both parents or close relatives to determine the type of genetic disease, to test relatives for disease, to assess the risk of disease, and to assess the risk to the reproductive system.

Pillar Biosciences is a global oncology precision diagnostic solutions company, but its NGS tests are unrelated to the NGS testing platform. The company has developed SLIMamp® and PiVAT® using AI technology to reduce traditional NGS testing time from days to one day, and requires less DNA quantity to provide valid test results even if the test sample is damaged.


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